Waiting for Climate Change: Isaac Cordal

Waiting For Climate Change at Beaufort04

Isaac Cordal

‘follow the leader’ from ‘waiting for climate change’ by isaac cordal, 2012 carved figurines submerged in sand and water in nieuwpoort, belgium

Isaac cordal: waiting for climate change beaufort04, beaches of de panne, belgium on now until september 30th, 2012

Spanish-born, brussels-based artist isaac cordal has developed a miniature environmental installation series entitled ‘waiting for climate change’. Cordal’s temporary works exist in public spaces; the absence of walls surrounding the exhibit allows for the pieces to be accessed by passers-by in addition to the viewers who would normally seek out the artist’s work.

The assemblage of carved figurines, all measuring no larger than 25 cm, have been placed throughout thirty locations across nine coastal municipalities of the flemish coast.  Cordal’s ‘waiting for climate change’ has been developed for the fourth triennial of contemporary art by the sea in 2012, beaufort04.

The installation reflects the passivity and the lack of interest that many people feel towards the hopeless state of earth’s health. The sculptures are waiting for the consequences of global warming, that is to be drag away by the sea, but they are not doing anything to change their situation.

a suit-clad male figure with a child’s inner tube rests in a small pool of water

thirty miniature figurines wade into a small pool of water near the sea

alternate view of the wading figures

three identical characters clutch objects close to their chests while wearing inner tubes, standing in an area of dried sand in northern belgium

‘the corporation’ is comprised of several suited male figures sinking into the sand in nieuwpoort, belgium

some of them climbed to the top of a pole from where they look the horizon‘ -isaac cordal images courtesy beaufort04

the four miniature figurines lay face-down on the ground, seeming to have been exposed to materials from the factory in the background 

a figurine cleaning what appears to be a mess of tar in a hazmat suit

Isaac Cordal-

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