2012 ASRCC’s E Waste Recycling Event

E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the industrial world.  According to estimates by the EPA, U.S. businesses and consumers discard as much as 137,000 computers… EVERY DAY!

Help keep harmful e-waste out of our landfills.  Recycle with E-Waste Fundraising, and raise money for a good cause!

Dear Participating Group,


▪    Proceeds go to around 10 schools region wide

▪    Asrcc’s environmental committee will be using the funds to help support current projects such as Sustainability Club’s: Community Garden, and to help stimulate new programs/campaigns on campus.

List of Community Colleges Participating:

▪                                  Barstow College

▪                            Cerro Coso Community College

▪                            Chaffey College

▪                            College of the Desert

▪                            Copper Mountain College

▪                            Crafton Hills College

▪                            Moreno Valley College

▪                            Mt. San Jacinto College

▪                            Norco College

▪                            Palo Verde College

▪                            Riverside City College

▪                            San Bernardino Valley College

▪                            Victor Valley College


June 2nd& 3rd



Riverside City College

4800 Magnolia Ave. Riverside Ca 92506 (Lot A)

Signs will be put up to direct traffic


Computer Systems/Accessories

▪    CRT monitors

▪    LCD displays

▪    CPUs

▪    All-in-ones

▪    Laptops

▪    Servers

▪    Switches

▪    Hubs

▪    UPS systems

▪    Wires & Cables

▪    Keyboards & Mice

▪    Speakers

▪    Hard drives

▪    Optical drives

Audio/Video Equipment

▪    Televisions

▪    DVD players

▪    VCRs

▪    Stereos

▪    Camcorders

▪    Cameras

▪    Radios

▪    Games systems

Handheld Devices

▪    Cell phones

▪    Pagers

▪    PDAs

▪    Two-way radios

Office Equipment

▪    Fax machines

▪    Photocopiers

▪    Printers & Scanners

▪    Surge Protectors

▪    Telephones

▪    Typewriters

▪    Microwaves

▪    Adding machines

Materials NOT Accepted

▪    Hazardous materials of any type

▪    Batteries not Integral to computer systems

▪    Contaminated equipment of any type

▪    Cracked or broken CRT screens

▪    Smoke detectors

▪    Household appliances

▪    Hairdryers

▪    Styrofoam/Cardboard/Paper

▪    Light bulbs

Please Pass

the information along to everyone you know!


ASRCC E Waste Flyer

E Waste Fundraiser Info

Thank you for your time!!!!

Please Contact:

(951) 897-3499


Comments, suggestions, and concerns please.

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