Art Cultural Transformation

The World Constantly Needs Cultural Revival.

There’s just something about art, that is so perfectly universal in thought and feeling.

If we have problems communicating then why not try something else… let’s express ourselves differently and see where it takes us.

RCC’s Cultural Transformation begins…

Expressing environmentalism through art on campus.

Soon it’ll be everywhere. Not such a bad idea.

This Spring 2012 initiative will bring local Riverside artists onto RCC campus and they will also be displayed here.

Calling All Artists

ASRCC is seeking to feature the work of talented Riverside artists on this upcoming campaign.

Painters, photographers, sculptors and other artists interested in having their work featured may submit a sampling of photos of their work for consideration. Readers can submit photos to

Use the subject line “My Art.” For more information, call (951) 897 – 3499.

Thank you!


Comments, suggestions, and concerns please.

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