E Waste Fundraiser

E-Waste Facts & Figures

E-Waste in 2007 – Was it    Trashed or Recycled?
Products Total disposed** Trashed Recycled Recycling Rate
(millions of units)
(millions of units)
(millions of units)
(by weight)
Televisions 26.9 20.6 6.3 18%
Computer Products* 205.5 157.3 48.2 18%
Cell Phones 140.3 126.3 14 10%
*Computer products include CPUs, monitors, notebooks, keyboards, mice, and “hard copy peripherals”, which are printers, copiers, multi’s and faxes. **These totals don’t include products that are no longer used, but stored. Source: EPA 1
Additional  figures from the EPA report:

In 2007, we generated 3.01 million tons of e-waste in the US. Of this amount, only 410,000 tons or 13.6% was recycled. The rest was trashed – in landfills or incinerators.

29.9 million desktops and 12 million laptops were discarded in 2007. That’s over 112,000 computers discarded per day!

31.9 million computer monitors were discarded in 2007 – both flat panel and CRTs.

1 “Electronic Waste Management in the United States, Approach 1” Table 3.1 EPA530-R-08-009 US Environmental Protection Agency, July 2008.

How Much Money Can You Raise with an E-Waste Fundraising Event?

That’s the bottom line, right?  When all is said and done, what counts is what drops to the bottom line.

Greenview pays the group a % of the total proceeds.  And because the payout is based on the total weight of qualifying e-waste, the results will depend on a number of factors:

  • How visible is the location we’ve chosen for our Event.
  • How well have we have advertised and publicized the Event?
  • Have we generated any “advance” donations?
  • Have we worked with local businesses, schools, etc. to get bulk donations?
  • Have the members of the group networked effectively with friends, neighbors, and co-workers?

How Does An e-Waste Fundraiser Work?

STEP 1:  Select a date and location.

STEP 2:  Use the free promotional materials they provide to help raise awareness of the fundraiser throughout your organization.  E-mail your mailing list using the free email templates ASRCC will provide, so you encourage maximum involvement from your group. 

STEP 3:  Advertise the Fundraiser.  Ideas such as… local newspaper advertising.  ASRCC will make fliers for the event (not sure on how soon though).

STEP 4:  Recruit a couple of volunteers to help out on the day of the Event.  We need to make sure we have pre-printed forms and clipboards, so donors can fill in their contact information (required by state law).  Greenview’s team will handle the heavy lifting and can (*typically handle the logsheet duties, volunteers will also be shown how to help separate and stack the donations as they come in.)  Greenview will provide pallets, a truck, and a loader/driver at (*no cost).

STEP 5:  Have fun!  An E-Waste Event is a great opportunity to meet and talk with lots of community-minded people. We can even get a grill going, and sell hot dogs, burgers, even tri-tip sandwiches for some extra revenue!

STEP 6:  Now we add it all up!  Greenview will oversee the final sorting, counting, and weighing of the donated materials.

STEP 7:  Payday!  The group receives its check, usually the 45 days after the event.

What Is e-Waste?

E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the industrial world.  According to estimates by the EPA, U.S. businesses and consumers discard as much as 137,000 computers… EVERY DAY!

Help keep harmful e-waste out of our landfills.  Recycle with E-Waste Fundraising, and raise money for a good cause!

While all e-waste can be recycled, for fundraising purposes we focus on the following:

  • *Computers
  • Monitors
  • Servers
  • Hard Drives
  • Laptops
  • Flat Screen
  • TVs
  • Cables
  • Cell Phones

Not eligible for e-waste recycling: *Alkaline batteries, Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners


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