Volunteer Notes

Hello Everyone! Looking forward to working with all of you. We can make this a very successful event, we just need to use our communication skills. Constantly updating the group will be good so we don’t overlap.

Company Phone: 1 562 912 1000


Date: June 2nd & 3rd/ Paper Work

  • Date: June 2nd & 3rd confirmed
  • Location: RCC Campus – Will be deciding exact location week April 16-19
  • Marketing Materials: Making Flyer & Distribution list
  • Money: Depends on total poundage, will send us a complete breakdown of items, takes 45 days to get money
April 20th Send back contract & event planning packet
April 30th Get approval of fliers from RCCGet approval of fliers from surrounding school district

Send distribution list

(they will print all fliers and send for us, we just need to   get it approved)

May 14th Company expects to have it mailed out to distribution list we   provide
May 16th Approval from companies of banner locations and send back to   company(they   will make banner and put it up for us)
Last Date Updated: 4.7.12

Next Step:

Advertising, Advertising, Advertising

Sample Flyer Templates

General Letter Template

Comments, suggestions, and concerns please.

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