Sustainability Club Presents:

RCC Community Garden Project

Next Community Garden Meeting

April 24th  2012 1-2pm MTSC Build. 306

Meetings held every 3rd Tuesday or Wednesday

Open to All

The purpose of the RCC community garden is to provide an educational space for students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community to learn about and participate in local, organic food production.


The current garden design includes approximately 24 individual plots that range in size from about 40 to 60ft2.


Permanent space is assigned for class projects in both the Bio 12 (Organismal Biology for majors) and the Bio 6 Botany classes.  Plots would also be available for interested individual students, ASRCC clubs, faculty, staff, and departments (including Food Services).


Plots may also be available (not to exceed 1/3 of the space) to community members if space is still available, there is demand, and we can work out a reasonable agreement with RCC administration.  Several plots will be raised bed and wheel chair accessible. To enhance the educational aspect, the garden will include a seating area and stage that would function as an outdoor classroom and event space. We also envision the garden to include art projects and signage designed and produced with significant (if not total) student input. Aside from formal classroom activities, the garden could also be used to host workshops for RCC affiliates and the surrounding community as well as potential field trips for local schools, childcare facilities, and other interested local groups.  In addition, the perimeter planting of the garden will include a wide variety of native species that would serve to educate students and others about water-wise and ecosystem-friendly plantings.

The garden rules and design are currently being generated with the help of

i) faculty (Dr. Virginia White and Preston Galusky) and staff (Mike Byrd – grounds and Cheryl Ruzak – food services),

ii) several students from the Sustainability Club, Biology Club, and student government, and

iii) representatives and experts from the Wood Streets Green Team (WSGT), a local neighborhood group.


We have secured financial backing from ASRCC and have planned for ongoing funding from student recycling efforts and coordinated fund-raisers with the WSGT among others. Current sponsorship is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to become a sponsor and help contribute to our efforts please contact Preston Galusky. Thank you.

Come partake in our sustainable endeavors…


Comments, suggestions, and concerns please.

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